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About us

Our Journey

30 years ago – Victorian Alcohol and Drug Care (VAD Care) was a small service that provided Alcohol and Other Drug services to the community of Shepparton. VAD Care had three staff and was governed by a small likeminded board.

20 years ago – The Victorian Government commenced funding for Community and Women’s Health programs and VAD Care was transformed into Goulburn Valley Community Health Services (GVCHS) which had ideology about community, equity and quality. The services offered at GVCHS grew to incorporate Community Health Nursing, Generalist counselling while maintaining the Alcohol and Other Drug Services.

3 years ago, Primary Care Connect (PCC) was the name chosen to reflect the connecting of people to the services they need, when they need them and where they need them. PCC has been able to diversify and drive innovation in programs and services. PCC has built a fit for purpose health service that reflects the quality and standard of the services we provide.


We are regarded as a community health service that engages well with vulnerable and hard to reach community groups.

We have over 25 programs focusing on a range of health and wellbeing issues and we pride ourselves on providing person centred and consumer driven care that allows people to take control of their lives and bring about change.

We have strong partnerships at local and state levels with other key service providers and they play a vital role in our success.

Our ideology is firmly grounded in the social model of health and a person’s right to access services, right to choose their care and right to bring about their change.

We employ over 60 dedicated staff to deliver high quality and innovative services to out community.


Respect – We treat all people with respect regardless of their background or position

Collaboration – We work together with others to foster opportunities and hope

Diversity – We embrace and celebrate our differences

Innovation – We enjoy our sectors challenges and embrace progress

Integrity – We uphold high standards, valuing honesty and justice

Strength – We foster strength in our people and the people we care for

Opportunity – We seek excellence in everything and always look for ways to improve