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Primary Care Connect (PCC) is continually looking for enthusiastic, energetic employees, willing to work hard for the people of Greater Shepparton and surrounding districts and to make a positive contribution to the life of the service as it continues to grow. We offer excellent conditions and are committed to supporting our employees to ensure they deliver the best possible service to our community. PCC offers numerous benefits to our employees which enables them to reach their full potential and achieve a harmonious work life balance. Here are a just few of the benefits that PCC offers:


Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging is available to all Full and Part Time employees of PCC. Due to PCC being a not for profit organisation employees are exempt from paying the Fringe Benefits Tax up to a value dependent upon the current tax legislation.


Professional Development

We provide all employees with the opportunity to gain and develop skills and knowledge which in turn ensures that they are performing in their role at their full potential. PCC also encourages and supports further education.


Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program is a free independent confidential counselling service provided to all employees. This service provides assistance to employees dealing with a variety of problems that might affect their health and wellbeing and in turn, may affect their performance at work.


Clinical Supervision

All clinical employees participate in Clinical Supervision at PCC. Clinical Supervision provides a working alliance between the clinicians and supervisors in which they aim to enhance clinical practice, meet ethical, professional and best practice standards, while providing support and encouragement in relation to professional practice.


Reward and Recognition

We acknowledge the importance of rewarding and recognising employees for their contributions to the continued success of the organisation. PCC present service and recognition awards at the Annual General Meeting.


Work Life Balance Policy

PCC recognises the importance of a work life balance for all employees. Depended upon the role of the employee, PCC can offer flexible working arrangements including flexible start/finishing times, carers leave entitlements and 48/52 leave.