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A letter from Rebecca Lorains, Chief Executive Officer, Primary Care Connect.

I would like to invite you to participate in the Conversations for Change project.

The ‘Conversations for Change’ project will engage over a 1000 people across the Shepparton area in conversations regarding their understanding, knowledge and ideas around possible solutions to community and family violence. As you would be aware family and community violence continues to be a major issue within our region, the state and the country, this is an opportunity to look at things a bit differently and design something that may in fact have an impact in our community.

The conversations are facilitated but intended to be informal, casual and relaxed. They can be held whenever and wherever to suits you and your group. Each session runs between 1 – 1.5 hours and can include a group size of 3 – 10 people.

You can elect to hold the conversation on site at your agency/business/home or we are happy to organise a room here at Primary Care Connect. Session times are flexible, sessions can be held in the morning, afternoon or in the evenings.

Our facilitator Michelle Dunscombe, has vast experience in community development and community engagement. Michelle’s role in these conversations is to provide standard questions to start the conversation and then note the themes. Michelle will not lead the conversations.

All information that is collected is not identifiable, and will be used to develop themes and work towards an achievable innovative plan for our region on reducing community and family violence. Participants have the opportunity to have a representative from Primary Care Connect contact them at the conclusion of the project to update them on the outcome.

To ensure we gain a full understanding of the thoughts and opinions of the community it is vital the conversations are held amongst a wide range of diversity of community members.

I encourage you to hold a conversation and then ask your family, friends, clubs and work groups to hold a conversation.

For more information please contact:
Nicole Montgomery
T. 5823 3200
Broni Paine
T. 5823 3242

Yours Sincerely.

Rebecca Lorains
Chief Executive Officer