Meet our Consumer Care Team and read about what to expect when connecting with one of our services.


Connecting With Consumer Care

The Consumer Care team is a new concept for Primary Care Connect. It is the culmination of our Reception and Intake team coming together with an overarching focus on the experience of community and clients – Our Consumers. These are the people you will first meet in person or talk to on the phone and tell your story to. They will undertake initial assessments and guide you to the most appropriate service. The Consumer Care team also wants to know about your experience using our services. They have oversight of client feedback and will contact you even after service to see how you are going and how we might be able to improve our services moving forward.  

Contacting Us

Our Consumer Care Team will be your first point of contact with Primary Care Connect. To ensure you receive the best service, our Consumer Care Clinicians will take you through our Intake process and gather all relevant and important information, this will assist us in making sure you get the best quality care with the right program.

First Appointment

Our Consumer Care team works closely with Program Clinicians to minimise waiting times and get you an appointment as soon as possible. When you meet your program clinician for the first time, they will have seen the information provided at intake and be ready to assist and provide you with the best possible support.

Goal Setting

Throughout your time at Primary Care Connect (PCC), you will work in partnership with your Clinician to identify and work towards goals you set together. Your Clinician will assist you in setting up SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals that are tangible and assist you in addressing why you came to PCC.


How long you continue to work with PCC is an individual journey, and at some point, that journey will end. You and your Clinician will be able to reflect on your growth and achievements and identify plans to continue forward. Our clients are also reminded they can come back if they need assistance again.


At Primary Care Connect, we care about your health and wellbeing beyond discharge. For this reason, you can expect our Consumer Care team to be in contact around six weeks after you finish with the service. We like to check-in and see how you are doing and whether there is any further support you might require from Primary Care Connect and ask for your feedback on how you found your experience so we can continue to improve our service.