PCC's International Learning Expedition Update: Project ECHO & Community Health Improvement Conference

Primary Care Connect’s (PCC) Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Lorains, accompanied by Executive Manager Research and Evaluation, Megan Lorains, Executive Manager Health Services, Hannah Dolling and Pharmacotherapy Network Coordinator, Tim Griffith have now completed the Immersion Training for Project ECHO which was followed by the MetaECHO 2019 Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The conference in itself brought together hundreds of influential members of the worldwide ECHO movement and through the conference it was affirmed that the ECHO Community is committed to the collective goal of touching ONE BILLION lives by 2025.

Our PCC team were amongst global health policy experts, government officials, academic leaders, funders, service deliverers and Project ECHO’s partner teams for what Executive Manager Research and Evaluation, Megan Lorains said to be an ‘inspiring’ three and a half day conference.

Megan Lorains also shared the following, “The ECHO Community, together, will explore the infinite possibilities of future technology, growth strategies, expanded uses of the ECHO model and celebrate the progress and contributions of the entire MetaECHO Community”.

CEO, Rebecca Lorains stated that, “Project ECHO is about the demonopolisation of knowledge and we need to share our knowledge and build capacity within our community, for our community and to foster the mantra of ECHO in ‘all teach, all learn'”.

Executive Manager Health Services, Hannah Dolling said “I am excited to see us use genuine person centred health service design and delivery!  A presentation by Alan Thompson of Jefferson University, ‘Hear me, health the healthcare system: Evidence Informed by lived experiences’ summed it up perfectly – ‘Nothing about us, without us’. We really want to get people excited about health and well-being and to give them a voice and we can’t wait to head home and make it all happen!”

Tim Griffith has returned to Australia, while PCC’s Executive Team continue their learning expedition joining more like-minded people at the Association for Community Health Improvement Conference (ACHI) in Chicago.

ACHI What & Why?

As a Community Health Service it is always good to listen, see and learn from others who work and provide services in the same space.  ACHI conference has seen many Population Health Leaders from multiple sectors and professions in attendance of whom share a common goal – to advance well-being and health equity for individuals and communities.  The shared commitment and message is ‘One Voice’.

By speaking and acting with one voice, we can activate partnerships to drive community and organisational transformation, becoming a unified force for health equity and well-being in our communities.  The conference so far has enabled our Executives to see the differences in health systems between Australia and America.  It has been able to show our Executives how lucky we are in some aspects of health care access and design, however they have noted that there are still areas we can improve and continue to develop in to better the health outcomes for our community.

CEO, Rebecca Lorains said, “After listening to some great key note speakers and presentations over the past two weeks, I am very excited to revisit our organisational values and to find the joy in work for all staff at PCC”.

Hannah Dolling said in relation to CEO’s statement that “It is perfect timing as we are currently preparing for the development of our next three year strategic plan”.

Megan Lorains said “This conference has been a great example of true understanding of Social Determinants of Health and how they directly apply to the work we do in our community and has been a great opportunity to meet some amazing people from around the world and hear about how they are bettering health and well-being of their communities…”

From this current update it is clear that PCC is headed for great change and a brighter future for the betterment of our community.

Our Executive Team arrive back on Australian soil throughout the weekend and we look forward to learning and growing together.