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Diabetes & Asthma Education

Aim of the Service

This service provides a one on one consultation with a Community Health Nurse (CHN) who has further qualifications as a credentialed Diabetes Educator (CDE) and Asthma Nurse Educator. Our CHN can provide you with education, management and support for people living with Diabetes and Asthma.

A CDE can provide support, monitoring, information and motivation to manage your condition. A CDE can assist in on going management and can provide referrals to other health professionals where needed (eg: to our health coaches or a podiatrist).

The Asthma Nurse Educator can assist individuals and families to increase their understanding of asthma and its management, and provide information on asthma symptoms, triggers, devices used to deliver medications, asthma and sport, the emergency management of asthma and Asthma Action Plans.


Anyone with all forms of diabetes or asthma.

How to get an appointment

Referral from your doctor, health care professional or self-referral via our website.

Any other locations for appointments?

Monthly at Euroa Family Medical Practice.


This is a free service.