Primary Prevention against Women and their Children


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Primary Prevention

What is Primary Prevention?

Primary Prevention aims to stops negative outcomes from happening in the first place. In the same way farm safety initiatives, Quit smoking campaigns and TAC campaigns increase peoples knowledge and understanding about an issue that harms all of us primary prevention initiative create the necessary social change in peoples attitudes and beliefs required to stop harmful outcomes.

Primary Violence Prevention is about collectively changing our current attitudes and thinking about the high levels of violence against women and their children and violence in general.

Primary Care Connect is committed to rejecting and changing all forms of violence and abuse by working with alongside local people, clubs and workplaces in Greater Shepparton creating new norms, behaviours and structures where violence in any form is no longer acceptable, tolerated or justified.

So Primary Violence Prevention is about actions that can be taken by everyone to stop violence from happening at all.

Primary Prevention initiatives do not manage incidences of Family/ Domestic Violence that have already occurred as that is the role of specialist services such as Family Violence Services, Police and Courts.

Our Vision for the Primary Prevention of Violence against Women and their Children is to support the whole community to be able to recognise and respond safely to any violence that occurs in our community.

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