About Shepparton Community Share

Four local organisations, FamilyCare, Primary Care Connect, The Bridge Youth Service and ConnectGV, supported by a Helen Macpherson Smith Trust grant created the Shepparton Community Share (SCS) Project. The aim of building a network to facilitate practical collaboration between, and across, the member agencies. This dynamic project laid the foundation for on-going collaboration.

The SCS network is now self-sustaining, has developed new focus areas and has initiated two major collaborative initiatives for 2018-21;

  • continuous quality improvement, and
  • workforce development.



Strategic Plan and Key Objectives

Our key objectives are consistent with the strategic objectives of our individual agencies;

  • Develop partnerships and alliances that contribute measurable value to client outcomes
  • Apply a continuous quality improvement approach to improve service design and delivery
  • Take a systems approach to developing innovative solutions
  • Develop robust data and information systems

Please click here to see our Strategic Plan.

News and Project Updates

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